• As a Chinese student, your journey to Top 50 US Programs will have unique challenges.

    We specialize in helping you beat the odds with a custom strategy.

Who We Are

Admissionado is a company of over 95 elite American admissions experts with a deep understanding of the unique challenges Chinese applicants face. Headquartered in Beijing, we also have a presence across all major Chinese cities.

What We Do

We specialize in admissions consulting for Top 50 Programs for Chinese applicants. Through an introspective mentorship approach, we create a custom strategy for you to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Why We Succeed

Our mentorship approach combines custom strategy and global expertise to help you create an authentic application that gets the results YOU need. Our approach is tested and proven, with a success rate of over 96% at Top 50 US Programs.

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The competition for admission to Top 50 Programs has never been tougher for Chinese applicants. First, Chinese students not only must meet a higher academic standard than global candidates, but also must work harder to stand out from other mainland Chinese candidates. Second, in China, access to information about the admissions process is limited and unreliable. Last, admissions committees at Top 50 US Programs are examining Chinese applications more closely than ever, rewarding only those applicants who demonstrate authenticity and individuality.

Though the challenges for Chinese applicants are considerable, Admissionado’s acceptance rate at Top 50 US Programs is over 96%. We maintain an unmatched success rate by tackling those challenges head-on with the best, brightest, and most experienced admissions experts.

With acceptance rates at historic lows, a one-size-fits-all approach to Top 50 applications will fail. Our mentors create a custom strategy based on your individual profile and needs. This takes time, but leads to higher success rates. Furthermore, all our mentors have navigated the admissions process to Top 50 US Programs and have deep experience working with Chinese students. Our mentorship requires collaboration between our experts and our students; one of our secrets to ensuring successful outcomes. Through collaboration, we make sure that your authenticity and individuality is recognized by the admissions committees. This, in turn, leads to admits.

Over 96% of our clients successfully earn an offer of admission to a Top 50 US Program.

Stats & Success

Admissionado has a success rate of over 96% at Top 50 US Programs. There is no company that can come close to this conversion rate. We believe in our process because it works. Our collaborative mentorship approach is crucial to helping you beat the odds. Our mentors will create a custom strategy for you based on an in-depth analysis of your personality and individuality to help set you apart.

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